The Markets of Wurm are player made areas that can be populated with traders or personal merchants from various players.

These marketplaces work like bazaars of some games. But rather than having a Developer or GM run it, the players are in charge, to offer all fairness and player manipulation of the system.

See also Inns.

Trade commandEdit

  • Right-click the person, merchant or trader you want to trade with, and choose Trade. A Trading window appears.

Buying from a TraderEdit

  • Trader's inventory is shown in '<Trader>'s offer' window top left. Drag items you want to the 'Your demand' window below it.
  • Drag money or selling items from your inventory into the 'Your offer' window top right.
  • Check 'You accept'.

If you offered a suitable amount, Trader will accept also. If you offered more than the value of the items you bought, Trader will give change money back if he has enough to offer.

Selling to a TraderEdit

  • Drag selling items from your own inventory into the 'Your offer' window top right.

If Trader is interested in your items and has enough money to buy them, he will move them down to his demand window below it and accept the trade on his part. If Trader does not have enough cash, try buying something from him also, until your demands meet.

  • Check 'You accept'.

When trading it is a good idea to sell items over 1 by 1 as it gives more money. Or in large number drag higher value items over 1 by 1 and lower value items over i groups. Example 60 Spindles at mixed QL is currently 9s67s when dragged over in 1 go but dragging it over 10 at a time its 11s20c.
Always carry some iron to balance out the trade.

Trading items with another playerEdit

To giveEdit

  • Drag the item(s) you are offering from your inventory into the 'Your offer' window top right.
  • The other player sees it in "<Player>'s offer" window, and must drag it to their demand window below it and check their 'You accept' box.
  • Check 'You accept'.

To receiveEdit

  • You will see the other player's offer in '<Player>'s offer' window top left.
  • Drag the item(s) to the lower 'Your demand' window and check 'You accept'.
  • The other player must check their 'You accept' box also.
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