Titles are earned when a player reaches certain skills levels like 50, 70, or 90. When a title is used, players of the same kingdom can see the title in use when hovering the mouse over the player.

Chat commands:

  • /title: Title currently in use
  • /titles: List available titles to choose from

Known titlesEdit

Characteristic titlesEdit

Skill 50 Title 70 Title 90 Title
Body Bodybuilder  ?  ?
Mind N/A  ?  ?
Soul N/A  ?  ?
Soul depth Soulman  ?  ?

Skill titlesEdit

Skill 50 Title 70 Title 90 Title
Animal husbandry Drover Granger  ?
Archery Archer Bowman Marksman
Armour smithing Armoursmith Renowned Armorer Master Armorer
Axes Axeman/woman Berserker  ?
Baking Boulanger  ?  ?
Beverages Bartender Party Animal  ?
Blacksmithing Blacksmith Renowned Blacksmith Master Blacksmith
Botanizing Herbalist  ?  ?
Bowyery Bowmaker Able bowmaker Master bowmaker
Butchering Butcher Der Metzgermeister/Skinner  ?
Carpentry Carpenter Renowned Carpenter Master Carpenter
Carving knife Stabber Carver  ?
Catapults Rock Hurler  ?  ?
Chain armour smithing Chainsmith Renowned Chainsmith Master Chainsmith
Channeling Channeler Conduit Casting specialist
Climbing Mountaineer N/A  ?
Cloth tailoring Tailor Dreamweaver Master tailor
Coal-making Coaler Renowned Coaler Master Coaler
Cooking Cook Chef Master Chef
Digging Digger Excavator Land Shaper
Exorcism Exorcist Zealot  ?
Faith Padre/Norn Devout/Mystic Enlightened
Farming Farmer Crofter Master Farmer
Fighting Soldier Mercenary Knight/Tank Girl
Fine carpentry Fine Carpenter Mighty Fine Carpenter Master of Fine Carpentry
Firemaking Pyrotechnic Arsonist Firestarter
First aid Quacksalver Doctor  ?
Fishing Fisherman/woman Angler Kingfisher
Fletching Fletcher Arrowmaker Master Fletcher
Forestry Forester Arboriculturist  ?
Foraging N/A  ?  ?
Gardening Greenthumbs Constant Gardener  ?
Hot food cooking Caterer Iron chef Saucier
Jewelry smithing Goldsmith Renowned Goldsmith Midas touch
Knives Knifer  ?  ?
Lockpicking Lock Breaker Safe Cracker Vault Smasher
Locksmithing Locksmith Safesmith  ?
Leatherworking Tanner High Tanner Master Tanner
Masonry Mason High Mason Master Mason
Mauls Mauler Bonker  ?
Meditating Guru Swami Rama
Metallurgy Smelter  ?  ?
Milling Miller  ?  ?
Mining Miner Prime Minester Mastermine
Miscellaneous items Handyman/woman Tim the Toolman/woman Fixer
Nature Gardener Treehugger  ?
Natural substances Alchemist Transmutator  ?
Paving Roadbuilder Brunel wannabe  ?
Plate armour smithing Platesmith Renowned Platesmith Master Platesmith
Praying Reverent N/A  ?
Pottery Potter Moulder Master Potter/Terracotta Terror
Prospecting Prospector Geologist Goldsniffer
Puppeteering Puppeteer Entertainer Puppetmaster
Religion N/A  ?  ?
Repairing Repairman/woman Materia Tamer  ?
Ropemaking Ropemaker Rope for help Hangman/woman
Shipbuilding Harbormaster Shipwright  ?
Smithing Smith Tinker Master Smith
Shield smithing Shieldsmith Able Shieldsmith Master Shieldsmith
Shields Shieldsman/woman Defender/Defendress  ?
Stone Cutting Sculptor Artist Michelangelo
Swords Swordsman Duelist  ?
Tailoring Textiler Needlefriend  ?
Taming Animal Trainer Beastspeaker Beastmaster
Toy making Toymaker Gepetto Master Toymaker
Tracking Tracker Pathfinder Master Pathfinder
War machines Destroyer  ?  ?
Weapon smithing Weaponsmith Arms master Master Weaponsmith
Woodcutting Lumberjack Timberman/woman Deforester
Yoyo Trickster Freestyler  ?

Special titlesEdit

Title Requirement
Ageless Get a premium account in the first week of Gold release
Keeper of Truth Pay a premium account for a year in the first week of Gold release
Keeper of Faith This title is given to all whitelighter players that were registered before January 2007
Destroyer of Faith This title is given to all blacklighter players that were registered before January 2007
Champion of Fo Become a champion of Fo
Champion of Libila Become a champion of Libila
Champion of Magranon Become a champion of Magranon
Champion of Vynora Become a champion of Vynora
Champion Emeritus Lose champion status
Dragonslayer Attack a dragon before it dies
Giantslayer Attack the forest giant or the kyklops before it dies
Fearless Attack the Goblin leader before it dies
Trollslayer Land a blow to a troll prior to its death (Title awarded upon death)
Warmaid Obtain a battle rank of 1100 as a female character
Warrior Obtain a battle rank of 1100 as a male character
Battlemaster Obtain a battle rank of 1500
Warlord Obtain a battle rank of 1900
Kingslayer Attack the Grand Prince/Chancellor/Emperor before he/she dies
Renowned Bard Win the Great Wurm Anthem Competition (Zort and IronLion were the winners)
Slayer of champions Kill a champion player
Participant of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event
Bloodhound of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 3 separate times.
Leader of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 5 separate times.
Master of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 10 separate times.
King of the Hunt Be part of the winning alliance of a Hunt of the Ancients event 20 separate times.
Educated Finish the Tutorial on Golden Valley
Clairvoyant Report several bugs

Kingdom titlesEdit

On the wild server the leaders of each kingdom can appoint several offices to players of their choosing, some of which grant the holder special abilities or items, as well as a title. The number of titles a kingdom leader can grant is dependent on the kingdom's size (method of determination unknown) though there is a guaranteed minimum number.


JK Office name MR Office name HOTS office name Function Abilities/Items granted
Grand Prince Chancellor Emperor/Empress Kingdom leader Fighting bonus, ability to grant offices
Information Minister Head of the secret police Bloodwhisperer Info on enemy Allows you to see who of the enemy offices are online
Court magus Court magus Shaman/Shamaness -- --
Earl Marshal Defense advisor Chief of the Cabal Kingdom defense Ability to know when your kingdom's guard towers are under attack
Court Smith Court Smith Painwringer Kingdom smith Higher % when creating items
Royal Jester Court Harlequin Dancer -- --
Chief of economy Economic advisor Main thug -- --
Royal priest Religious advisor Seer Less favor Allows priests/champions to cast spells only costing them 1/2 the normal favor
Royal lover Betrothed  ? -- --
Royal Avenger Executioner Assassin/Nightingale Fighter Fighting bonus
Royal cook Court chef Party Fixer/Party Hostess Cook Makes meals higher quality
Royal herald Court announcer Harbinger Announcer Ability to write messages to area history and announce players/items in local event windows

Titles of KingsEdit

The great (and not so great) kings of Wurm are ranked within the Kingdom History, which can be viewed on any settlement token.

Meditating titlesEdit

Each meditation path has a different set of titles.

Forum titlesEdit

Players without posts have the forum title of 'Newbie'. After 2 posts this changes to 'Villager'.

In addition to the above title, moderating staff (such as Community Assistants and Game Moderators) and developers receive a banner denoting their position.

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