Small sailing boat
  1. Activate a keel section
  2. Right-click a keel section
  3. Open submenu "Create > Containers"
Additional materials
Skill and improvement


A small sailing boat that will accommodate up to five people.

They are very useful as personal ships for normal journeys. They don't have large holds, but can easily carry smaller items like fish and tools. Small barrels are good for expanding their hold capacity. They can still sustain a speed of about 5-6km/h in low winds, making them "all-round" server travel boats.

Vessel DetailsEdit

  • 1 captain + 4 crew
  • Maximum speed: 18.49 km/h
  • Hold Capacity: Same as a small cart.
    • Cannot hold rafts
  • Size: 2 tiles by 1 tile.
  • Height: 3 dirt from water level to deck
  • Depth: 5 dirt deep
  • Weight: 140kg (Everybody can drag)

Total componentsEdit


  • The second smallest boat possible to make (excluding the raft, which isn't a true ship).
  • A full unfinished sailboat only weighs 933.50 kg, so you can drag it around in a small cart and add components to it. Bring the cart to water before finishing it. It will drop out when you add the last component.
  • 20.10 mind logic is needed to command a Small sailing boat, so premium is required.
  • 5.4kg of dye is required to paint a sailboat.
  • One passenger does not increase the speed.
  • Has permissions management.
  • Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded.

[2]Boat speeds are relative and depend greatly on weather conditions.

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