Wurm Online Skillcompare (WOS)

Wurm Stats (WStats) - Discussion thread can be found here

Planning ToolsEdit

WPlanner (By Budda) (Forum thread can be found here) - Updated, versatile and user-friendly mapper program for deeds, villages and mines.

Mapper (By Discon)

Prospector (Used for finding the location of ores)

Housecalc (Used to calculate the required carpentry skill for wall plans and resources for houses)

Google Sketchup (Very popular and useful planner, and easy to learn. Helps aid builders visually with it's 3D detail. You can download tiles and house models Here, which all credit is due to Tich.)


Official deed price calculator

Time calculator

Faith/Pray calculator

Favor calculator

Season calculator

Slope calculator

Compass Quality Calculator

WoA & CoC Price Calculator

Healing Cover Calculator

Base Price and Favor Calculator


Skill Highliter

(multipurpose) Meditation Clock

(Out-of-game) Time and Season Clock

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