The console is a window for entering text commands to the Wurm client. It can be opened using F1 in the default key bindings (F9 in the current unstable client). Console commands should not be confused with chat commands or actions.


Legend: <name> is a mandatory argument, [name] is an optional argument, (name|other) is an argument which requires one of the listed values.

bind <key>
Shows the current binding for the given key.
bind <key> ""
Removes the current binding for the given key.
bind <key> <action>
Binds the key to the specified action. See key bindings for more information on <key> and <action> values.
bind <key> "<text>"
Binds the key to a console command. Pressing the key will act as if you had typed the text into the console. See key bindings for more information.
dump (debug | skills)
Saves the specified data to a file in the player's dumps directory.
dump (binds | options)
Dumps the specified data to the console.
exec <filename>
Executes each line in the file as a console command.
irc [server] [port]
Connects to the specified IRC network. Defaults are and 6667.
If the defaults are used, the client also autoconnects to #wurm
ircsay <text>
Sends the text to the topmost IRC window.
Opens the quit dialog
Quits the client without asking for confirmation
Reloads the game graphics
resize (fullscreen | maximized | windowed | resizable) width height [refreshrate]
Changes the window mode and resolution.
say <text>
Sends the specified text to the local chat window. (Access other chat windows using /tell, /shout, /village)
Creates a screenshot (in the player's screenshot directory)
sensitivity <0-10>
Changes mouse sensitivity to the given value. Note that this only changes the senstivity when looking around.
setoption <string>
Displays a list of options whose name matches the string.
setoption <option_name> <option_value>
Changes a game option without restarting. Not all options can be changed while playing. Look in gamesettings.txt for option names and value hints.
settoolbelt <objectid> <slotid>
Set toolbelt slot. Item ids can be determined via the "setoption toolSlot" command.
toggle ( compass* | console | debug | fightspam | gui | health | improve | inventory | mainmenu | menubar | skills | spelleffects | stats | target | toolbelt* | wikisearch*)
Toggles the specified feature. Most control display of HUD components.
wiki <title>
Opens a window with the specified wiki page.
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