Obtained through digging.

Skill and improvement


Clay is a sticky and soft resource found in clay tiles that can be easily formed into pottery items like clay bowls, clay flasks, or clay jars. Masons also make use of clay as a bonding material for the stone bricks used in guard towers and stone forges, or to mix the better bonding material mortar to build stone houses, for example.

Clay, once dug up, has a high decay speed and is pointless to store for more than a few days. It can however be kept in a Bulk storage bin.

Clay tiles can only be raised by dropping dirt or sand. They cannot be lowered by digging, or Flattening, and cannot be changed to another type of tile.

To transport a large quantity of clay, you will probably have to combine it. Even a small cart will likely hold more than 100 2kg lumps of clay. If you do so, be aware of the following:

  • Some constructs that are started with clay will use the entire lump, regardless of the amount needed, when it is used to start the construct (see forge).
  • "Continue Building" will only use 2kg of a lump at a time
  • Building failures will damage the whole lump, not just the 2kg part of it that was used
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