Chat commmands are commands for use in chat. Do not confuse them with IRC or console commands.


Same as /help
/all or /ally
Sends alliance to village chat.
Shows who you have been fighting the last five minutes.
Toggles the Community Assistant help chat window, available on the Freedom and Golden Valley servers
/changeemail <newemail> <password>
Changes your email. The password is this case is not the current toon's, but any password for toons using the email your trying to change too. Fictitious example: /changeemail Brown33board . Here Brown33board would not be the currently logged in toon's password.Forum explanation
Shows how many times you have changed kingdom and when you can convert again.
/dev <message>
Broadcasts the message to logged-in developers, game moderators, and chat moderators.
displays how much time you have left to perform fatiguing tasks.
Shows your current focus level.
Toggles sleep bonus on and off. Toggles on automatically after a server restart
/help or /?
Lists most of these chat commands.
Displays ignore list.
/ignore <player>
Add player to ignore list (remove if already ignored).
Display basic game info.
Toggles whether you allow people to invite you to join their kingdom or religion.
Toggles kingdom chat.
Displays kingdom influence on the server.
Displays how many lives (respawns) remain for a champion .
Shows logout time--how long until you leave game if you lose link. This includes logging out.
/me <text>
Chat message without <> around your name. Works in all chats but the kchat. (Example: '/me dances' produces 'Bob dances' when Bob types it.)
Last tutorial instructions received.
Showed latest news. The news is now displayed on the website and in the client startup window.
/password <oldpassword> <newpassword>
Changes your password.
Shows your current battle rank.
Shows top battle ranks on the server.
Displays window allowing you to award your referral, and use the ones you have received yourself.
/release corpse
Makes all your current corpses lootable by anyone from your kingdom. Normally, people from same kingdom who aren't friends, fellow citizens, or allies cannot loot your corpses.
/remove <person>
Removes the person from your friends list.
Displays your current reputation.
Displays the respawn dialog. For use when you are dead.
/revoke <village name>
Revokes your citizenship of the specified village (i.e. allows you to leave without being kicked out by the mayor).
/shout <message>
Sends message to kingdom chat.
Displays your current remaining sleep bonus.
Frees all the animal husbandry slots for caring.
Helps you getting out from trees and such that you are stuck in.
Presents a suicide dialog.
/support <message>
Broadcast to the chat moderators and game masters (replacement for /dev).
/team <message>
Team chat
/tell <person> <message>
Sends a private message to the person.
Shows current game time and date, as well as your total playing time and remaining premium time.
Displays your current title.
Displays all your achieved titles and lets you choose which to display.
Brings a very old player from Wild to Freedom for free with all its items intact.
Sends your twit to the village twitter if enabled.
Shows the time since the last server reboot.
/village <message>
Sends message to village chat.
/vote <citizen>
Vote for citizen as village mayor.
Shows information about your official moderation warnings.
Wind direction and speed
Shows the amount of players currently logged in.

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