High body strength allows you to carry or drag heavier loads. It also increases damage in combat and on walls or fences.

Skills for improving your body strength include: mining, farming, digging, smithing, and woodcutting.

Carrying capacityEdit

The maximum weight a character can carry is 7 * body strength.

The integer part of body strength (e.g. 25 if 25.62) also determines how much you can carry before starting to move slower.

  • Above 2*strength weight, speed drops to 3/4 of normal
  • Above 3.5*strength weight, it drops to 1/4
  • Above 7*strength weight, speed is only 1/20

For example the key values for 25.62 strength would be 50 kg, 87.5 kg and 175 kg, and the maximum possible load would be 179.34 kg.


The maximum weight you can drag is limited by your body strength, it's generously much though.

Maximum weight you can drag = (Body strength * 7 - Weight you're carrying) * 10

To determine how much cargo you can drag in a small cart for example, you must simply subtract the weight of the small cart.

Maximum cargo = (Body strength * 7 - Weight you're carrying) * 10 - 60 (Cart weight)

The weight you're carrying is anything you're carrying in your inventory and anything you're wearing on your body. To determine how much weight you can carry to drag a specific weight, you can use the following formula.

Maximum carrying = Body strength * 7 - Weight you want to drag / 10

To determine how much body strength you need to drag a specific amount of weight you can use the following formulas as applicable.

Body strength required = (Total weight / 10 + Weight you're carrying) / 7
With an empty inventory:
Body strength required = Total weight / 70 (Didn't think it was that easy now huh?)
Body strength required = (Cargo weight + Cart weight) / 10 / 7 (See the resemblence?)

For example, someone with 21 body strength carrying 20kg of tools could drag a small cart, which weights 60kg, filled with up to (21BS * 7 - 20kg) * 10 - 60kg = 1210kg, which is 80 stone bricks. Remember the operator preceedence rules! If you want to drag 1235kg with your 22.90 body strength, you could carry 36.80kg = 22.90BS * 7 - 1235kg / 10 additional weight on your body and inventory.

Here's a small table of required minimum body strength for draggable items without any cargo.

Draggable Container Weight Minimum Strength to Drag
Small cart 60kg <20
Small raft 60kg <20
Rowboat  ?? <20
Small Sailing Boat 140kg <20
Large cart 240kg <20
Corbita 1400kg >20.00
Cog ~888kg <20
Knarr  ?? 29
Caravel 2450kg 35.00